Publishing Short Story

Hello All Fellow Writers & Poets! I am proud to say that my first short story is being published soon on Kindle and Amazon. As copyrights are being applied to my original material a cover image for my ebook has just been finished.  

Pass The Crown

How many black women does it take to lead a nation? One. Oprah proved it How many black men does it take to lead a country? Unknown. King and Malcolm didn`t die on a cross but they died for our right to breathe Invest and propose. Stop shooting each other down. The government fills our … More Pass The Crown

The Sting of People

The snob,  the rage I see girls with hatchet faces.  And talons and pain of hearing their voices.   It’s disgrace,  this youth,  they talk with pride and snarl.  And text,  text,  text and when you make yourself known- thy quarrel All of silence is fulfilling,  I eat it up with honey.  The bees are … More The Sting of People

Blob Fish

I’m sorry that I’m so cold-hearted So scared to be hurt again and recline to the darkness that I can’t even accept the light in you.  I’m sorry.  When I go to the toy store,  I still see evil,  shit I don’t even want them anymore.  The only child memories I have are cigarettes and … More Blob Fish