14 Karat Loser

Now I`m no forensic specialist, but your love does great bodily harm I scratch and stir for the evidence of myself- who I was before the gold crusted everything Old desires misbehaved and cloaked my armor- I submitted unto the wings like a dutible wife, yet as a fallen angel I mustered all the strength … More 14 Karat Loser

Self-Righteous Queen

So, I`m the self-righteous queen, eh? So, he writes in his “secret journal” Forgetting to mention that his faults lie in his own bed rippling under his feet Tearing his spine His miniscule brain his comatose common sense and lack of fulcrum to balance what I thought we had Self- righteous queen who sells her car, throws … More Self-Righteous Queen

Black Girl Magic

There is black girl magic at play when you hold her,  color doesn’t make this so,  but the culture that is lost I ves within us,  the carriers of this world,  the originals,  the ageless and the bronze highlights of life We are temperamental because we are out place,  not ghetto We are sassy because … More Black Girl Magic

Do you like punk rock? Watch “PUP – RESERVOIR (Official Video)” on YouTube

Lately,  people have been saying punk rock is dead.  Yesterday I was in Hot Topic and I couldn’t help but to ask the cashier what the name of the song that was playing which was ‘After the Party’ by The Menzingers.  When you get a chance LOOK THEM UP!  Like many artists,  I enjoy finding … More Do you like punk rock? Watch “PUP – RESERVOIR (Official Video)” on YouTube

What Gives Me Joy

 I don`t care anymore I`ll smoke in my own fucking house, not outside where the mountains stare and think back at me The ash begs for me to stir, add egg shells and coffee grains for the plants Tamper with the lighter as if it lights up your `hourglass life` I don`t surmise about my … More What Gives Me Joy