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Pound of Sugar

You told me I was perfect After I buried you in sugar For that moment it was all I could give My heart- a crazy beast Uneasy piece Of loathing yet pulchritude of all sorts You lovely being I know yiu were hurt too We probably share the same scars Mines- battle wounds Yours Caress… Continue reading Pound of Sugar

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The Catalyst

There I go again Blaming myself for being down for years It's a reprisal Give me blood, give me crosses As I climb over dry earth And watery lies Just to give you my love And never eat anything in return I traveled, cast down from heaven On broken knees To be your greatful damsel,… Continue reading The Catalyst

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Screams of Dead Flowers

God might, travel country to stars in spite of lost hope for humanity we give curses yet we see light every morning Helios` burning glare gives me hope that it won`t take too long to find your love God might even laugh when I hold myself imagining that it`s you It`s a shame I even… Continue reading Screams of Dead Flowers

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Coelacanth : A Short Story

Coelacanth A Short Story by Imani “Clio” Lang Artist: Jake Overton May 19, 2018     I only give pieces of myself, Because a hole has become a part of me, Located at the seams of my torso- No many can ever know what my anticipation craves… Anticipation wears many clothes, She wears black whenever… Continue reading Coelacanth : A Short Story

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“I was born with hydrocephalus…I have completed olympic triathlons” – Simon Lannon

Again, I have had the pleasure of interviewing other hydrocephalus survivors such as Simon Lannon. An Englishman who is a successful businessman with a beautiful family. It`s always great to see a relishing story of someone else with hydrocephalus. I know that many hydro-warriors suffer from depression because they feel like they are competing with… Continue reading “I was born with hydrocephalus…I have completed olympic triathlons” – Simon Lannon

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“Dr. Ben Carson Performed 4 out of 8 of my Brain Surgeries “-George P. Kopsidas Pugh

It sounds alarming of how many surgeries can one person possibly have but did you know that it'd possible to even have forty?! "Strata shunt, I've had hydrocephalus for 23 years. I'm younger there but you can see the outline of the shunt in this photo." George is also a musician and dedicates his life… Continue reading “Dr. Ben Carson Performed 4 out of 8 of my Brain Surgeries “-George P. Kopsidas Pugh