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Pound of Sugar

You told me I was perfect After I buried you in sugar For that moment it was all I could give My heart- a crazy beast Uneasy piece Of loathing yet pulchritude of all sorts You lovely being I know yiu were hurt too We probably share the same scars Mines- battle wounds Yours Caress… Continue reading Pound of Sugar

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The Catalyst

There I go again Blaming myself for being down for years It's a reprisal Give me blood, give me crosses As I climb over dry earth And watery lies Just to give you my love And never eat anything in return I traveled, cast down from heaven On broken knees To be your greatful damsel,… Continue reading The Catalyst

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Screams of Dead Flowers

God might, travel country to stars in spite of lost hope for humanity we give curses yet we see light every morning Helios` burning glare gives me hope that it won`t take too long to find your love God might even laugh when I hold myself imagining that it`s you It`s a shame I even… Continue reading Screams of Dead Flowers

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Coelacanth : A Short Story

Coelacanth A Short Story by Imani “Clio” Lang Artist: Jake Overton May 19, 2018     I only give pieces of myself, Because a hole has become a part of me, Located at the seams of my torso- No many can ever know what my anticipation craves… Anticipation wears many clothes, She wears black whenever… Continue reading Coelacanth : A Short Story

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“It Is a Halo, I Needed Stereotactic Brain Surgery”- Valentina Cardona

These stories keep getting interesting. The photo above is taken by hydrocephalus survivor Valentina Cardona who is a Music Therapist. Her music is also a diary of how she copes with hydrocephalus. Photo credited to Valentina Cardona, 2018 We began to talk through that hydrocephalus group I told you about in my previous post. She… Continue reading “It Is a Halo, I Needed Stereotactic Brain Surgery”- Valentina Cardona

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“I was born with hydrocephalus…I have completed olympic triathlons” – Simon Lannon

Again, I have had the pleasure of interviewing other hydrocephalus survivors such as Simon Lannon. An Englishman who is a successful businessman with a beautiful family. It`s always great to see a relishing story of someone else with hydrocephalus. I know that many hydro-warriors suffer from depression because they feel like they are competing with… Continue reading “I was born with hydrocephalus…I have completed olympic triathlons” – Simon Lannon