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One Eye

Sleep with one eye open I`m awake and am no one`s bride because I rather be my own person-the whole pie Not half monster/half piece of what`s left Keep your vision, sometimes that`s all you have.

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14 Karat Loser

Now I`m no forensic specialist, but your love does great bodily harm I scratch and stir for the evidence of myself- who I was before the gold crusted everything Old desires misbehaved and cloaked my armor- I submitted unto the wings like a dutible wife, yet as a fallen angel I mustered all the strength… Continue reading 14 Karat Loser

#literature · #writing · Feminism · humanity · Poetry

Self-Righteous Queen

So, I`m the self-righteous queen, eh? So, he writes in his "secret journal" Forgetting to mention that his faults lie in his own bed rippling under his feet Tearing his spine His miniscule brain his comatose common sense and lack of fulcrum to balance what I thought we had Self- righteous queen who sells her car, throws… Continue reading Self-Righteous Queen