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The Woman With Hydrocephalus

  https://soundcloud.com/clio-clio-2/the-woman-with-hydrocephalus   The infant with hydrocephalus isn`t compared to the thousands of other babies born each year she is born with fluid-she is actually half -born and half in heaven she is the element of water and her brain is still in limbo The mother, so young , considered a scalpel test to keep her there… Continue reading The Woman With Hydrocephalus

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Nobody’s Daughter Part 3: IT

Can't help to think about it when my future publisher asks if I'm okay Why did I move to Missouri? Why did I leave my California dreams? What should I say?  Even though I'm depressed,  I still have a roof over my head and everything that I want now , but I don't want it… Continue reading Nobody’s Daughter Part 3: IT