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The Catalyst

There I go again

Blaming myself for being down for years

It’s a reprisal

Give me blood, give me crosses

As I climb over dry earth

And watery lies

Just to give you my love

And never eat anything in return

I traveled, cast down from heaven

On broken knees

To be your greatful damsel,

My dignity- worth only pennies at the time

Can now birth into a new light

As I represent a holy, grail with a drowning childhood

They didn’t believe me and Alice

As we swirled through these holes by our lonesome

This brain surgery has drained me

Even of old blood.


2 thoughts on “The Catalyst

  1. I understand but equally as a friend I have to say, try not to blame yourself. I know how hard it is. But it is societies lack of sensitivity, that breeds that guilt, and if it were any other illness or malaise, you wouldn’t blame yourself 💓 I know it’s not that simple my friend but I for one like you for who you are.


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