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Head Injuries Can Cause Hydrocephalus

Jill Welch is another hydrocephalus survivor that I’ve had the liberty to speak with during recovery. It’s amazing to see many other hydrocephalus survivors stories.

This is a synopsis of her hydrocephalus story : “I am 35 yrs old and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus after a closed head injury at 17. I have congenital aqueductal stenosis but never had headaches until after the head injury. It took nearly 4 yrs til I had an ETV. That worked for 2 years but unfortunately scar tissue built up causing the need for a shunt. I’ve had the Codman Hakim programmable shunt for 12 years now. I have only had 2 revisions once to the stomach tube and lately to replace the tube and valve.”

Jill had a shunt revision four weeks ago in April 2018.

I know a little bit about scar tissue build up. Not saying that everyone with a concussion will get hydrocephalus. There are so many unanswered questions about hydrocephalus! Hence, I’ve had it since birth so there’s no telling.

Jill is also a member of the Hydrocephalus Association as well I am. Hydrocephalus survivors must stick together!


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