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“Doctor`s Said I`ll Never Walk or Talk”: Carlos Rene Reyes Hydrocephalus Survivor

After my shunt revision on April 3 , 2018 and talking to other shunt survivors to gather information on how to survive the daily symptoms and spread awareness on the effects of hydrocephalus-.I have concurred data on how people have overcame this disease.

Two days ago I interviewed with hydrocephalus survivor : Carlos Rene Reyes.

Me:  Like how long have you had hydro and is your shunt programmable? Also how does it make you feel and how have you managed to endure it?


“I’ve had hydrocephalus since birth. Was a premature baby. Two month preme. Weighed 6 pounds 6 oz but once the fluid was drained I weighed 3 pounds 2 ounces. My last shunt revision was over 10 years ago. I think I endure the pain pretty much like everyone does, vomiting and severe headaches and lethargy.
Doctors said I’d never walk or talk
I’d either die or be a vegetable”

I see. Thanks so much! I will definitely share your story
They told me I was learning disabled(too)

I also have cerebral palsy due to a stroke I had at birth
I love this group!
It’s awesome to see there’s so many people that go through what I go through
Carlos studied social work at the University of Texas -Pan American and is from McAllen, Texas.
There are more interviews to come lovelies.

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