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Sex rules everything and chivalry is looking pretty dead nowadays. If we really want to get to know what dating is, let`s ask God.

In the Bible it pretty much concludes that either your`e married or single in order to be on the safe side with God without practicing premarital sex. So who invented dating? What does that mean to women? Men?

According to Larry Getlen; author of the article called “The Fascinating History of How Courtship Became Dating”  dating is’ The word “date” was coined — inadvertently, it seems — by George Ade, a columnist for the Chicago Record, in 1896. In a column about “working class lives,” he told of a clerk named Artie whose girlfriend was losing interest in him and beginning to see other men socially. When Artie confronts his fading love, he says, “I s’pose the other boy’s fillin’ all my dates?”’ https://nypost.com/2016/05/15/the-fascinating-history-of-how-courtship-became-dating/

So is Ade the blame for all of this confusion? Maybe and maybe not. Some of us know the story of how our grandparents met  and the stories are usually centered around them meeting in a grocery store, at a job, or even on the street. Back in the day there was courtship. Nowadays courtship is “Netflix and chill”, “Let me slide in her DMs”, “Do you want to come over?” etc.

From my experience, its hard to get to know someone without there being an ulterior motive; even though I`m straight with them in the beginning when it comes to explaining exactly what I`m looking for.Dating on and off for only five years seems so long but compared to most women my age. I`m still in the beginning of dating. so dating seems like a game that wastes time. Has anyone else had better experiences?  Please do tell.



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