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Do you like punk rock? Watch “PUP – RESERVOIR (Official Video)” on YouTube

Lately,  people have been saying punk rock is dead.  Yesterday I was in Hot Topic and I couldn’t help but to ask the cashier what the name of the song that was playing which was ‘After the Party’ by The Menzingers.  When you get a chance LOOK THEM UP! 

Like many artists,  I enjoy finding new music that challenges my perspective and views and almost every time: I am never disappointed. With further scrolls through my subscriptions on YouTube such as Rise Records and going through my suggestion list,  this band called PUP came up. 

By far,  the song Reservoir by PUP is an awesome thrash song that will take you back to your 90s rebel days and make you dance in your seat or scream the lyrics in your car as the wind cools your face down.  Take the time and open your ears by clicking on the link. You won’t be disappointed! 😊


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