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The Woman With Hydrocephalus



The infant with hydrocephalus isn`t compared to the thousands of other babies born each year

she is born with fluid-she is actually half -born and half in heaven

she is the element of water and her brain is still in limbo

The mother, so young , considered a scalpel test to keep her there but God needed her

The girl with hydrocephalus, left beaten and torn

an orphan

and no she doesn`t need your sympathy- she needs this shunt to not  be differentiated from others

” I am me !” , she screams. ” I am normal! I am not a mistake” (I am a miracle ! ”

Uncertainty has room in her gut when she believed that she could never be the mother she never had.

When the government failed on her , when the system failed on her, poetry was there with open arms and an infinite ink well to soak in

She has told this story many times, but only the dead listen.

The doctors are ill-informed. CAT scans and MRIs can`t see the scars she suffered on the inside

The woman with hydrocephalus

has her own sanctuary, her books and her sanity,

soon she will marry, soon she will have her pound of flesh and walk down that aisle smiling

and I will live a joyful woman who could have a healthy baby.


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