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Bony Voices


Enjoy following the text to Part 2 of the Poet-Dome  Spoken Word Poems written by me.

– Imani “Clio” Lang

I quenched water like a thirsty leech

sitting at the disabled coffee table that has nail polish stains on it

Alchemy seems to have all the answers,

yet the sun is covering me with dotty eyes as I leak ink wells of emotions that only the ghosts could know

A heavy burden, yet I was a skinny girl

who wore glasses, but couldnot see her dreams coming true very soon

I quenched blood like a vampire

for family did`nt have the same the same taste as me

My belonging? The only luggage I carried was imagination

Above all sins, I commend girls who don`t commit suicide, but kill flowers instead

For they are the ones who take over the world


Fathom my lips- do you dare to speak?

Fathom my ears- do you dare to listen?

Fathom my stomach- do you dare to feed on hope?

Fathom my heart- do you care to know what words Ii say when the dead only hears me?




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