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The Woman With Hydrocephalus

  https://soundcloud.com/clio-clio-2/the-woman-with-hydrocephalus   The infant with hydrocephalus isn`t compared to the thousands of other babies born each year she is born with fluid-she is actually half -born and half in heaven she is the element of water and her brain is still in limbo The mother, so young , considered a scalpel test to keep her there… Continue reading The Woman With Hydrocephalus

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Bony Voices

  Enjoy following the text to Part 2 of the Poet-Dome  Spoken Word Poems written by me. - Imani "Clio" Lang https://soundcloud.com/clio-clio-2/bony-voices I quenched water like a thirsty leech sitting at the disabled coffee table that has nail polish stains on it Alchemy seems to have all the answers, yet the sun is covering me… Continue reading Bony Voices

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Black Rose in My Coffin

Enjoy listening to my feature poem on sound cloud. I am discovering a new voice-sound . I used to perform poetry in Houston, Texas and Riverside, California. Now, I am proud to be getting back into the arts. Let me know how it sounds! https://soundcloud.com/clio-clio-2/black-rose-in-my-coffin   Everytime I`m with him when he smiles, I think… Continue reading Black Rose in My Coffin