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Natural Wellness: Acid Reflux Anybody?


We all have probably had acid reflux and become grossed out at the feeling of acid travelling to the back of our mouths after eating or drinking then felt too embarrassed to talk about it.

Nevertheless, no one wants to go to the doctor when it takes two weeks to a month before being seen unless you go to the ER ,so you look up symptoms and “cures” on Web MD, health ,wellness websites and etc just to discover that you might have lymph edema or worse: cancer!

For a long time I was one of these people so I turned too essential oils one day when I was shopping at Earthbound . Being in the medical field, you would think that I would know more about medicine but the truth is that nurses, office registrars, case managers and even some doctors have health problems that they can`t fix themselves because they dedicate their lives to helping others. I worked in ER in Glendale and the doctors I worked with would always prescribe me medication and tell me to go about my day if I needed to see them.

This trumped all my beliefs about medicine and Ii realized how political medicine is today. You have to do your own research. People in the medical field are overworked and nowadays, you have to look for natural remedies for the common ailments. ( If you need antibiotics, have symptoms such as shortness of breath and chest pain please see a doctor immediately).

Now I am not dissing the medical industry but I will say that exploring essential oils isn`t a bad idea. I use peppermint oil for my menstrual cramps and let me tell you, it works wonderfully!

Every household should have some recipes of common natural aids around the house such as 1 teaspoon of carrier oil and 4 or 5 drops of frankincense essential oil for acid reflux in a bowl stirred up real good to apply to the stomach, throat and chest. It might sound crazy but taking care of myself is significant for I have gone to doctors all of my life due to Hydrocephalus, my Ventricular Peritoneal Shunt and the fact that I was diagnosed with gastritis last month. I also suffer from anxiety depression( I actually have anxiety attacks if I drive over hills long periods of time, not your everyday L.A. traffic anxiety, people) so just do your research guys and explore different ways to stay healthy.

You won`t regret it!



“Acid Reflux.” An Introductory Guide: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. BERKLEY: SONOMA, 2014. 56. Print.




13 thoughts on “Natural Wellness: Acid Reflux Anybody?

  1. My youngest brother used to have awful acid reflux … it was actually so bad and he was such a small boy we thought that God was going to take him away, but he is now so much better, but still a small boy. 🙂

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