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Who is Your Grunge Favorite?

Babes In Toyland- Kate Bjelland
Babes in Toyland- Behind First Avenue Stars- 1991

Hands down, the 90s was the last great era of unforgettable music, talent, and melody tapestry that grunge had to offer. Between the riots, the end of the punk galore and metal taking over- this was a way for “Riot Grrrlllss” to take the throne.

Besides R&B princesses such as TLC, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill and the rap gods such as Tupac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and many others as well, but grunge holds the strings to my heart. As a poet; I have to admit that the most influential of all is my favorite Hole ; Courtney Love, L7, Nirvana, Local H, Shirley Manson, Silverchair, and now Babes in Toyland.

I have heard of Babes in Toyland many times by Courtney Love in her interviews and I don`t know why it took me so long to look them up but as I was watching the movie CBGB, Babes in Toyland crossed my mind.

Honestly, for my taste I love seeing strong women sing their heart out in poetic embraces or hold a guitar rather than twerk their way to the top but then again, I`m a 90s girl.

This is my favorite song by them so far including Bluebell and Bruise Violet. Due to Kate Bjelland( lead singer) and Courtney`s frenemy past - I still love them both as artists. It`s fun knowing their history as Riot Grrls and their fashion statements paved a way for many females to join the grunge circus and defend their art while not conforming to beauty standards.

6 thoughts on “Who is Your Grunge Favorite?

  1. I loved L7 and the way they captured female angst in the 90s much like Pat Benatar did in the 80s. Going out of the norm I also enjoyed the Melvins.

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  2. Love your taste. Rarely a week goes by that I don’t play early Hole or L7.
    https://neurodrooling.wordpress.com/2016/03/27/pretend-were-dead (scroll to bottom for interesting bit).

    Gotta wonder what ‘grunge’ is supposed to mean though. Often it seems to just mean ’90s heavy rock with attitude’.

    Courtney and Hole range across punk to power-pop I reckon, while L7 is mostly heavy metal. If Babes in Toyland had been 10 years earlier everyone would have said ‘post-punk’.

    “I’m no Riot Grrrl. I just play one on TV.” – Courtney Love

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