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Who’s Cocoon is it? 

I asked you a million times Then repeat for this millenia-thus getting nowhere Too busy stuck in time- feeling that I would die You say you hate it when I'm bummed,  but do you really know what my oceans are saying? I'm writhing against your rocks begging to creep through the crevices of your land… Continue reading Who’s Cocoon is it? 

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Publishing Short Story

Hello All Fellow Writers & Poets! I am proud to say that my first short story is being published soon on Kindle and Amazon. As copyrights are being applied to my original material a cover image for my ebook has just been finished.  

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Who is Your Grunge Favorite?

Hands down, the 90s was the last great era of unforgettable music, talent, and melody tapestry that grunge had to offer. Between the riots, the end of the punk galore and metal taking over- this was a way for "Riot Grrrlllss" to take the throne. Besides R&B princesses such as TLC, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill… Continue reading Who is Your Grunge Favorite?