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Pass The Crown


How many black women does it take to lead a nation?


Oprah proved it

How many black men does it take to lead a country?

Unknown. King and Malcolm didn`t die on a cross but they died for our right to breathe

Invest and propose. Stop shooting each other down. The government fills our prisons and people turn a blind eye when Jamal gets sentenced to 55 years in prison for possession of marijuana.

My body turns cold when the Trumpets are blowing that the antichrist is here!

My people suffer, my soul is stricken and the children are forgotten!

Its hard to trust in a god when yet the white devil kills a pastor and threw bullets into my people`s chest and calls them fools- the real gangs of the country wear white sheets and gold badges.

My brothas trade crosses for guns. My sistahs trade secrets for babies to fill those armies.

The republicans work  93 days a year with gold in their pockets while our children eat bricks for lunch and dinner.

GMOs fill our hearts instead of wisdom

and drugs feed the youth instead of love!

Yet people still complain why blacks are mad; why the latinos are crossing our borders and the country is drinking brown water.

Don`t forget slavery, dont forget the history they stole. You all know where you come from and we are the chosen people of God, I promise-

so pass the crown instead of a Draco,

our coarse hair will never let it slip away….






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