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Poets in Missouri


I am moving to Missouri on March 10,2017 and I have been interested in a possible art community in Missouri. Between artists like Chuck Berry and some other artists names that I can`t remember- I have a feeling that I could be a part of a history centered around the scope of ambiguity and artistic pressure.

I am from California and have met several writers in Los Angeles but the competition is so high that you could lose yourself out there. When I performed poetry live in Houston- I felt this sort of high that I never had before and that`s when I fell in love with the act of producing my own work and channeling my spirit with an audience. Although it has been forever since Ive performed- I havent forgotten the justice that I had served myself with other poets.

Recently, on YouTube I have discovered a poet by the name of Lianuska Gutierrez ; a doctoral student of poetry at the University of Missouri-Columbia who submitted a video of her spoken word poem “Hold My Hand and Step Down, That’s a Good Baby.” also produced by John Farmer de la Torre.

This poem is full of depth and beautiful prose that I couldn`t just not share with you guys.

I know that there are other poets in Missouri and if any of you are from there please message me with more suggestions because I am so excited!

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