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My Favorite Artists in 2017

We all love finding music because it`s a self-sustaining part of life. My favorite platforms in finding new music are YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, networking, and just even going to starbucks writing and hearing a new song.

Lately, I have been listening to grunge bands such as Nape, a band with their song called “Dino”. ABRA is a R&B up and coming artist whom is setting stone for new age psychedelic sound in Atlanta, Georgia. My favorite songs by her are ” Fruit”, “Roses”, and “Pull Up”. I also listen to Kehlani sometimes, Tripping Daisy(another grunge band), Madeintyo (Uber Everywhere is the only song I like by him- he`s a rapper). But the love of my life in music is Hole. O MY GOD I love Courtney Love.

I don`t care what the allegations are because this isnt what the blog is about but her music has helped me escape several internal matters and I wouldnt change my mind.

Sometimes, I listen to Seether, Papa Roach, Korn, Deftones, Chevelle, STP, Slipknot, ASAP Rocky,Bring Me The Horizon, Logic, Glass Cloud, Silverchair has been my new sensation lately, Socotra( a grunge band too), Bush, Rihanna and many others because I love music SO MUCH.

If anyone else has some suggestions to great music  I am all ears!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Artists in 2017

  1. Omg, I love being put on to new artists and music. I feel like there just isn’t enough time in life to hear the talent that’s in the world but for right now at least, I’m bout to add a few new artists to my collection. Thnx 😙

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