An Inspiring Day in Los Angeles

Another uber story but not at all like many. I had the pleasure to meeting an actor/screenwriter by the name of William McFadden whom is the screenwriter for upcoming film Doubting Thomas. 


I sat in the car and just started to put my ear phones in but I was having a good day and decided to ask how his day was and we started talking about writing. William seemed like an intelligent being so we proceeded to discuss world views, interracial dating( which is what the film is based off of America’s indecent opinions on mixed children or interracial marriage per say). He was also an actor in The Roommate and other movies I can’t remember right now.

You guys should check out his film when you get a chance, this is something rarely discussed due to the Black Lives Matter movement and the stigma on culture appropiation. I think his idea to write this screenplay is undoubtedly brilliant related to the causes and effects on discrimination in our so called “democracy”.

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