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Child Abuse

One of the least discussed topics in America but is the one of the biggest causes of people lacking humanity.

The fact that there is a report every ten seconds on a child abuse case is horrific and makes you think of every kid you knew in grade school that seemed a little off, quiet, or just bad as hell. 

6.6 million cases are made each year and child protective services can only do so much( or so much which was in my case when I was under guardianship of a psycho when I was a kid).


How does it all connect? 2/3 of people that abuse drugs were abused themselves and with drug abuse comes with a long list of issues that we see everyday. There are so many damaged people and the fact that I made it without going through drugs, prostitution pr even abusing someone else is incredible.

I want to become a counselor so I can help people heal. I feel thst this is my calling.

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