Uber Story

Carpooling is cheaper if you dont mind talking to ppl. But the guy sitting next to me brought me a flashback.

His hair was jet black, with a ball cap and a glass beard with dark brown eyes and with clear skin for a Hispanic guy around his age. He looked about 32 years old but he reminded me pf one of my exs.

My first boyfriend at age 18. His name was Andrew and I thought he was beautiful. This guy and Andrew even soinded the same. I tried not tp study him so i satred at my phone instead. He reached out to me vocally and said ” so you work for USC?”

In shock, i stuttered and replied,”yeh i work in hospital admissions”.

The conversation went on and my stomach turned to knots of disgist of how reminded me of this Andrew. The guy that was a mantle of mistakes. The rubble that infected the beginning of my adulthood by abuse after abuse until i was finally able to get away……

Nevertheless, the feeling ceased when i left the car to the grocery store. I thanked the driver and went on my merry way to continue burying my past.

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