Anxiety Sucks

Anybody else suffer from anxiety like I do? The thought of takimg meds is mere creative suicide but I’m at a dilemma: my anxiety s caused by the distant feelings of not being an extraordinary writer.

Of not being sustainable to the world around me. I’m takimg a sociology class now for my Bachelor’s in Science for Human Services and I am discovering a thick slab of myself in American society.

The fact that working 60 hours a week is considered normal among other responsebilities to make ends meet is grotesque. I feel like this post is redundant now that I think about it. 

Why? Because I just recovered my senses to write again!

Whew. Now I’m not anxious anymore.

10 thoughts on “Anxiety Sucks

  1. Before you take any medications, research them. And not at just pro-mental health treatment sites. Check out Mad in America website for the opposite side of the story and the truth about anti-anxiety Meds and others. There is a huge conspiracy between organized psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies to drug people, Creative People like you and me out of our gourds, and keep us drugged, and why? For money, pure and simple. Maybe it should not shock anyone to know that 1) anti-anxiety drugs actually induce anxiety over the long run…and 2) are all of fhem every single one of them, highly addictive. I should think that taking a medication like that would add to anyone’s anxiety even short term, but far be it from me to stop anyone from medicating themselves. I just believe in truly informed consent, which you will not have or get by taking the advice of your run of the mill pill-pushing shrink.

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  2. Dear Clio, poet extraordinaire,

    My best friend Mott swears by valerian root, which tastes abysmal, for sleep…and my anti-therapy “therapist” loves lavender oil for everything, and also counseled me to take up to 20mg melatonin for sleep, which helped me immensely, though it is not for everyone, as Mott himself found this made him more anxious not less. This is why the one-size fits all (except for the money money money aspect) idiocy of mainstream psychiatry so irks me. But even when they point out that, yes, even they use one med for one patient and another for a different one with seemingly the same complaints…oooh, i just want to scream, “Have you even tried finding out what is going on in the LIVES of your patients that might be depressing them?”

    It has been shown that most of the completed suicides who were ASSISTED in dying in Belgium, where such assisted suicide for the so-called mentally ill is now legal, most of them had no job, no permanent place of residence, and were extremely low income…now if that is not a recipe for “depression” and also for certain doctors to declare groups of people unfit for life, then i dont know what is, but we know it has happened before and it is happening again, and will happen in the US if we dont watch out…

    So sorry to run off at the mouth, but this topic just gets me going, glad you discovered the psychiatry hoax on your own and before too much damage was done. It is too late for me in some sense. Yes, i disavow psychiatry entirely, but at 64 i was early in my life forced on to anti-psychotic drugs of the worst sort and find myself unable to get off them safely at this point (though, shhhh, i am again secretly reducing my doses very slowly, without telling anyone, lest their expectation bring about the untoward consequences they want!)

    Take care,


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    1. Hello Pamela, thanks for sharing that! I have seen so many studies on what these drugs do. What pisses me off is this ADHD and ADD medicine that parents fall for that explicitly contains strains of methamphetamine! I had worked in ER before and had recurrent illnesses that no one could fix so I began diagnosing myself because the doctors only knew just as much as I did then would send me to the pharmacy. So much money has been sent to the health industry and all they do is make a profit.
      Im afraid to say thatbits not about peoples health anymore: it’s about money.
      Im sorry you went through all that.
      Take care,


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