Finding Venues

Lately,  I have been lacking in network skills and actually finding venues that are existent. Living in Los Angeles has become a bore full of hipsters, immigrants ( I’m not a racist or a Trump supporter) and iniquity that have gone too far. What is music nowadays? I relinquish myself in the grunge era, post … More Finding Venues

Child Abuse

One of the least discussed topics in America but is the one of the biggest causes of people lacking humanity. The fact that there is a report every ten seconds on a child abuse case is horrific and makes you think of every kid you knew in grade school that seemed a little off, quiet, … More Child Abuse

Uber Story

Carpooling is cheaper if you dont mind talking to ppl. But the guy sitting next to me brought me a flashback. His hair was jet black, with a ball cap and a glass beard with dark brown eyes and with clear skin for a Hispanic guy around his age. He looked about 32 years old … More Uber Story

A Letter to God

At 12 she was skin deep, she hated the clouds and their white glazes in the sky with seemingly false hope She cut her thighs, her arms and her worth  To tears, like Eve in 2007, she birthed lavender dreams and sexed out curiosities Lesbianism became a satisfaction cuz with a man she felt no … More A Letter to God

Anxiety Sucks

Anybody else suffer from anxiety like I do? The thought of takimg meds is mere creative suicide but I’m at a dilemma: my anxiety s caused by the distant feelings of not being an extraordinary writer. Of not being sustainable to the world around me. I’m takimg a sociology class now for my Bachelor’s in … More Anxiety Sucks

A Thought to Burn

I’ve scrolled on here many times and I find ot disconcerting how I haven’t  related to any of these beautiful souls. Even after all of the train wrecks, the mornings waking up in my car covered in Olive Garden vomit, and the leech’s scent on my clothes, the poems written the nights before i discovered … More A Thought to Burn