Half Moon

You could keep me from paper, but not from these thoughts, in the end I’d have skin hunger to nail the hammers in my neurons If half of my culture is here then the other is in Sweden I n the countryside toward the boars heart And every morning, doctor, Every afternoon, I douse in … More Half Moon

I Thank My Sister

​I thank my sister I thank her for she doesnt write poetry She sings in blooms, will marry the dusk instead of deadening the sky with ancient literature, with dragonfly speech I thank her for her blood, her relativity and humor the sun can never compare She’s not as mercurial as i for i trap … More I Thank My Sister

Coffee Stains

​One minute off of dancing with people and mold And home weighs a heart made of dust and gold One minute away from water with drowning sanity and sunset disfigurement One minute away from that high critic fish with broken ankles and snappy gills of condescendment But i still weigh 400 pds away reading that … More Coffee Stains