What is Love Anyway?

I want to spend my life with you.

How many times do we hear that in our lifetime? One time? Two times too many?
Fortunately, I’ve only heard it once and I am quite in love I must say. As i lye next to him watching Point Break and deinking ginger ale i realize that I finally have a stable chance of creating a life and a family.  Most importantly, I can be successful with someone. Being a couple is hard work, and Hollywood flicks doesn’t make that seem easy because everything is wormed with sex- sex is the fuel for an everlasting relationship

Haha, not even!
But intimacy is vital. Sharing each other’s goals, personal virtues, or just being quiet and looking at each other is supposed to give you heart thrills. Now I’m not going to label how to work into a relationship into stanzas numerically, but I am just stating my views on what live actually is.

Love is unconditional. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. No one needs to feel obligated to someone for love or feel like they have to abide by rules on conditions that only suit one or another. That’s not healthy or fair.

Love is kind. Respect for each other’s personal belifs without bestowing claims of opinions as facts goes far. Respect is genuine but you dont have to agree on everything- that’s not healthy or attractive in my book. Caring for each other and sustaining support limits both partners in relationship failure. Implus, knowing that your partner supports you in your decisions to make you a better person feels wonderful; not many people discover this.

Sex is great and i believe that it doesn’t matter how long you guys wait because it’s bound to happen anyways- but a little teasing and holding yourselves back is fun; so is taking the time to get to know each other’s boundaries. This is where intimacy ahould come firat where that mutual understanding leads to attraction that should last a long time becauae both of you have established common ground where even having sex early into the relationship( depends on your definition of early) isn’t bad. Also, if anyone judges you for that, more than likely their just jealous of how happy you arr with this person ( of course I reccommend protection or taking contraceptives before you do this).

Never take anything for granted. You guys may argue from time to time but you have to remember why you guys got together in the first place. It’s eaay to hold a grudge and it’s hard to set opinions aside for the sake of a relationship but if you really love each other- it takes TWO to make it work.

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