I Need Another Ark

There’s a silent revolution going on,

But I’m no feminist

How cool it is to be a slut

`cuz the world would only

Understand cause and effect if you fucked fathom unto Atlas`s

Stalactite brain.

But that’s none of my concern,

How idle are the wordless stones now?

Rapping about money- with no land

And no god

Civil unions born without unity,

Expecting a man to save us all.

How dense is the music now?   Sad and broken by Astreus.

The truth has already been boiled

and a geisha doesn’t need drugs to realize that.

Torch me if you dare blacksmith! I’ve already been uplifted and have found my ark:

Two by two

Temple by temple

Soul by soul

If only my lover would join me with his golden apple eyes full of serenity.

Where are you going Jupiter?

Go on with your lies

there was already a man burned at the stake!

One thought on “I Need Another Ark

  1. Someone like Promaeteus
    dared to challenge the Gods
    by stealing the fire and taking it from above

    Thanks to that Hybris we can build new Temples
    and join our lovers who wears flowers in the hairdo
    and Golden apples eyes and tender

    All of Them was half blood,
    sons of a Human and a God
    just like Promaeteus or Heracles who passed
    those Trials

    we can burn a candle
    we can light a dark betrayal.

    This is what it was said to me
    and I think it’s Fair
    in the night just like
    in the Day,

    when Jupiter is blind,
    drunken by a heavenly lie

    all women and men can be One God
    ready to grab new fire
    build a new Era
    Walk through the Fog


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