What`s the plan??

Should I pretend I can wait forever?

I had become of the Fallen,

I had fucked up, decided that sobriety wasn’t enough of a distraction, went out and got lost..



There were spiders on my back and I was mantis in the flesh— enormous is my head.


How ignorant could I have been???


Going back down hill to the northern California roots….



It’s solarly complex, you know? The year I was born?


Lovely equilibriums sex in harbor city-birthed from grapes and Choctaw Indian graces.


My face pure, made of silk, and thick- long- jet-black- hair to make the devil smile and assigned me a reaper.


1994 was full of seizures

1994 was full of pagers and false promises, train flat lines, the wrath of Poseidon in Haiti…did I ever believe I could possibly bear the weight of this world?

Little me?  I can’t even stand the Sun.

5 thoughts on “1994

  1. Little you,
    how you dare to stand?
    This is what someone could have sent
    to you
    those things you spent,

    that night,
    lonely, when Spiders climbed up
    on your back

    When the light of your Birth
    brought you into the arms of your women and men,
    who care if there was a complex in the air

    at all?

    what’s this? some path walked through?
    No memory for me,
    too much for you…

    never Fall into Infinite Mediocrity,
    at least
    better don’t watch the news,
    none will care about it

    it’s not gonna be me

    not someone else.

    Except you

    But there’s something more to say…
    Say it when it’s time!
    No one will collect it

    but it’s a lie.

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      1. I really do like your awesome and erudite style, i can find echoes of my studies. I’m taking time about reading your beautiful poems with all the care they need! Thank you!


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