The Uses for Sage Essential Oil

There are several uses for sage despite the fact that every other Hollywood horror movie, sage is used to ward off evil spirits. Not entirely true. It has health benefits which are antifungal, anti-microbial, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, cholagogue and choleretic, digestive, disinfectant,  expectorant, laxative and stimulating  according to organic facts. What caught … More The Uses for Sage Essential Oil


I’m afraid that the wake was last year instead of in fifty years  To see my future is like a butterfly being able to see its metamorphosis I can’t shake the feeling of absence in my gut , the lonesome I feel without a daughter or son  Inside this mind I’m a terrible host  Inside … More January

An Inspiring Day in Los Angeles

Another uber story but not at all like many. I had the pleasure to meeting an actor/screenwriter by the name of William McFadden whom is the screenwriter for upcoming film Doubting Thomas. I sat in the car and just started to put my ear phones in but I was having a good day and … More An Inspiring Day in Los Angeles

Finding Venues

Lately,  I have been lacking in network skills and actually finding venues that are existent. Living in Los Angeles has become a bore full of hipsters, immigrants ( I’m not a racist or a Trump supporter) and iniquity that have gone too far. What is music nowadays? I relinquish myself in the grunge era, post … More Finding Venues

Child Abuse

One of the least discussed topics in America but is the one of the biggest causes of people lacking humanity. The fact that there is a report every ten seconds on a child abuse case is horrific and makes you think of every kid you knew in grade school that seemed a little off, quiet, … More Child Abuse