“Snake Season” My First Published Short Story is Out Now Exclusively on Kindle.

How many of you enjoy reading short stories about romance, mystery and suspense? Well this is the right story for you! Dissolve your mind into a 50 minute read rather than spend time on Facebook and Instagram. This story is about  what happens when you realize who you can trust and who you can`t trust. … More “Snake Season” My First Published Short Story is Out Now Exclusively on Kindle.

Finding a Cure for Hydrocephalus

What is Hydrocephalus? Hydrocephalus is a brain condition that is technically described as fluid building in the brain causing the head to swell up and cause permanent brain damage. There are several global associations dedicated to providing information on neurosurgeons, neurologists,health and shunt installment options and sponsors not willing to give up on this disease. … More Finding a Cure for Hydrocephalus

A Dream, A Garden

Every morning I curl my hair and plan to take over the world,  yet I’m stuck in your imagery,  your paint and your pearls so you could win me over like oil burning crayons Every morning I plan to save these children yet when you yell at me I feel like a child-broken and crying … More A Dream, A Garden

Publishing Short Story

Hello All Fellow Writers & Poets! I am proud to say that my first short story is being published soon on Kindle and Amazon. As copyrights are being applied to my original material a cover image for my ebook has just been finished.  

Pass The Crown

How many black women does it take to lead a nation? One. Oprah proved it How many black men does it take to lead a country? Unknown. King and Malcolm didn`t die on a cross but they died for our right to breathe Invest and propose. Stop shooting each other down. The government fills our … More Pass The Crown